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[♞]Red orbs gave a quick flick up from behind the shades, a quick examination of the persona’s beat of shoes against hard surface. Not one he had a keen recognition too. He held a hand to the white headphones that encased his ears, tugging them off with a quick tug of his wrist.  They came to rest at the collarbone, still blaring the incessant song he had been listening to since commencement of the day.  

A tap of fingers against a glass of apple juice and he looked up again. “Glorious Dragon Master” he drawled, lips twisting up in a smirk.


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    { ♎ } Terezi lowered her hand after a moment, her grin wider than before. “1 4lw4ys kn3w you w3r3 4ll fuck4ss3s w1th...
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    [ ♞ ]He smiled, lifting a corner of his mouth up, hands wiggling in pockets as a sign of dorky happiness. He used to do...